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The manual application forms for training have been phased out. All applications should be completed using the web form. Applicants are required to use the online portal to submit applications together with a copy of your passport photo, the signed nomination form indicating preference for either the geological or environmental programme, degree/certificate and résumé.


Issued 29 July 2021

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation pursuant to its contract for the exploration for polymetallic sulphides signed with ISA on 29 October 2012 is offering two (2) internship training placements to candidates from developing States within its 2021/2022 training programme. 

The training course is divided into two stages:

Part 1: theoretical training to be held in the fourth quarter of 2021 (second half of October) under the programme “Exploration and development of mineral resources of the World Ocean – Exploration and development of mineral resources of the ocean” at St. Petersburg State University, Russia. The full course will include 120 academic hours: lectures (94 hours) and self-preparation (24 hours). The total duration of the course is approximately two to three (2-3) weeks. The format of the training course - full time or virtual- in St. Petersburg will be determined taking into account the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic at the time scheduled for the training.

Part 2: Practical at-sea training onboard the R/V “Professor Logatchev” in the Russian exploration area for polymetallic sulphides in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The training will be for one leg/stage of the cruise and will be for approximately 45 days. The exact cruise date is to be confirmed for 2022. Trainees will participate in offshore geological and geophysical work.

In addition to the direct cost of training to include travel and insurance, the Contractor undertakes to cover the following costs:

♦ accommodation and meals during the course in St. Petersburg and onboard the R/V “Professor Logatchev”.

♦ transportation to and from accommodation to the research vessel.

Candidates must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Education: Bachelor’s degree or work experience in marine geology,  engineering or technical research
  2. Language: Must be fluent in English, elementary Russian recommended.    
  3. If selected for the training, trainees must provide proof of a valid medical certificate certifying their suitability to work.

Trainees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with the Contractor. Trainees will also receive certificates on completion of the training programme. Additionally, the trainees must submit reports on their training to ISA and the Contractor.

Applications should be submitted no later than 25 August 2021 either through:

(i)     The online training portal.  Users applying through the online portal, must upload a copy of a passport photo, the signed nomination, degree / certificates and résumé; or

(ii)    Email, in one of the two working languages (English or French) of ISA Secretariat, to using the correct forms below.

  • Application form (docxpdf) to be completed by the applicant;
  •  Nomination form (docxpdf) to be completed by the institution or governmental department; 
  • Copy of Degree Certificate
  • Proof of English
  • Copy of CV or Résumé


One of the Voluntary Commitments that the ISA made at the UN Ocean Conference 2017 was ‘Enhancing the role of Women in Marine Scientific Research through Capacity Building’ – we therefore strongly encourage suitably qualified female to apply for these training opportunities.