Marawa Research and Exploration Ltd.

The manual application forms for training have been phased out. All applications should be completed using the web form. Applicants are required to use the online portal to submit applications together with a copy of your passport photo, the signed nomination form indicating preference for either the geological or environmental programme, degree/certificate and résumé.


Marawa USP training extension

Issue date: 03 May 2021

Marawa Research and Exploration Ltd. is pleased to offer two (2) undergraduate scholarships to Developing States candidates with an interest in the deepsea minerals industry. The scholarship is open to students wishing to pursue studies in marine science, geology or engineering. Candidates must clearly articulate their interest in the seafloor minerals industry, preferably polymetallic nodules and how their selected degree will allow them to contribute to the seafloor minerals industry in the future.

The three-year undergraduate degree will be offered through the University of the South Pacific and will start in January 2022.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

Education / Experience:

  • Possess the requirements for acceptance to their preferred degree at USP; and
  • Demonstrate an interest in the seafloor minerals industry (preference will be provided to those with an interest in polymetallic nodules and ocean sustainability; and


  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of spoken and written English;


  • Be able to secure a VISA to Fiji (Marawa will assist);
  • Hold a valid passport or be able to secure one; and
  • Agree to abide by and follow all COVID safety protocols.

At the end of each year the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a report to Marawa and the International Seabed Authority outlining the courses completed and the grades received. Upon graduation, the scholarship recipient will be required to submit a short report to Marawa and the International Seabed Authority.

Marawa undertakes to cover the following costs associated with the scholarship:

  • Travel, insurance, and VISA costs;
  • On campus accommodations;
  • Tuition, textbooks, university fees;
  • Living allowance; and
  • COVID testing (if required).

COVID-19 Health and Safety

Safety is the priority of Marawa. COVID-19 safety protocols will be discussed and implemented if required to ensure the safety of all participating.

Scholarship Recipient’s Responsibilities

  • The scholarship recipient will be responsible for applying to USP;
  • If the scholarship recipient is not accepted by USP, the scholarship offer will be revoked;
  • Upon acceptance by USP, Marawa will work with the recipient on the logistics;
  • The scholarship recipient is responsible for maintaining good standing throughout the program and will sign a scholarship contract with Marawa outlining each parties responsibilities;

Applications should be submitted by the 27 September 2021 deadline through:

  • the online training portal. Users applying through the online portal (see below), must remember to upload a copy of a passport photo, the signed nomination form, degree/certificate, résumé/CV and other supporting document; OR
  • via email, in one of the official languages of the Authority, to using the forms below.

Applications must be accompanied by :

  1. Application Forms (docx | pdf) to be completed by the applicant;
  2. Nomination Form (docx | pdf) to be completed by the institution or governmental department;
  3. Copy of degree certificate;
  4. Proof of proficiency in English;
  5.  Copy of CV or Résumé; and
  6. A one-page statement of purpose demonstrating interest in the seafloor minerals industry and ocean sustainability (this could be from an environmental, engineering, or scientific perspective)

One of the Voluntary Commitments made by the ISA at the UN Ocean Conference 2017 was "Enhancing the role of women in marine scientific research through capacity building" - we therefore strongly encourage suitably qualified females to apply for these training opportunities.