Ifremer - Contractor Training Programme

The manual application forms for training have been phased out. All applications should be completed using the web form. Applicants are required to use the online portal to submit applications together with a copy of your passport photo, the signed nomination form indicating preference for either the geological or environmental programme, degree/certificate and résumé.


Ifremer DSBS CTP 2021

Issue Date: 18 May 2021

Ifremer (Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer) in accordance with its contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules is offering five (5) internships to candidates from developing States to participate in the 16th edition of the Deep-Sea Biology Symposium (DSBS). This training will be held over a five-day period in Brest, France from 12 to 17 of September 2021.  

DSBS is a long-running series of symposia that has had huge influence on driving forward the science of deep-sea biology as well as inspiring a new generation of researchers.

The 16th DSBS scientific Special Sessions will cover conservation topics and stewardship; biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; life-history traits and population connectivity; technological and methodological advances to access the deep sea, deep-sea biomimicry.

The 16th DSBS will be wellsprings of cooperation and formation of new research groups and projects, providing the opportunity for members of the international deep-sea science community to discuss and present their latest research results.

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  1. Education: Hold a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, ecology, or microbiology. A first experience in deep-sea biology is desirable.
  2. Candidate may also be a lawyer with a specialization in law of the sea.
  3. Language: Proficiency in English (written and spoken).

Ifremer will cover the following costs: international airfare (return ticket in economy class); accommodation and meals as well as local transportation in France, if required.

Trainees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement with Ifremer as well as submit a report on the outcome of their training to Ifremer and ISA. 

Applications should be submitted by the 16 June 2021 deadline through:

  • the online training portal. Users applying through the online portal (see below), must remember to upload a copy of a passport photo, the signed nomination form, degree/certificate, résumé/CV and other supporting document; OR
  • via email, in one of the official languages of the ISA, to training@isa.org.jm using the forms below.

Applications must be accompanied by :

  1. Application form (docxpdf) to be completed by the applicant;
  2. Nomination form (docxpdf) to be completed by the institution or governmental department; 
  3. Copy of degree certificate;
  4. Proof of sufficient knowledge of English; and
  5. Copy of CV or Résumé. 

One of the Voluntary Commitments that the ISA made at the UN Ocean Conference 2017 was ‘Enhancing the role of Women in Marine Scientific Research through Capacity Building’ – we therefore strongly encourage suitably qualified females to apply for these training opportunities.