Meeting of the Assembly

The 14th Session of the International Seabed Authority

The Assembly of the International Seabed Authority, meeting at Kingston, this morning elected by acclamation Nii Allotey Odunton of Ghana as Secretary-General of the Authority for a four-year term from 1 January 2009.

The decision, in accordance with article 160, paragraph 2 (b), of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982, is contained in document ISBA/14/A/L.3.

The Council of the International Seabed Authority International adopted a decision proposing Nii Allotey Odunton of Ghana as the sole candidate for election as Secretary-General of the Authority.

The Council’s recommendation now goes to the Authority’s Assembly which is expected to vote sometime next week.

Mr. Odunton, currently Deputy to the Secretary-General, will succeed Mr. Satya N. Nandan, who is stepping down at the end of the year after three successive four-year terms as Secretary-General.

The International Seabed Authority will elect a new Secretary-General and half of its Executive Council and also continue work on a regulatory regime for sulphides and cobalt-rich crusts at its fourteenth session in Kingston, Jamaica, from 26 May to 6 June 2008.

The Authority will also adopt the budget for the biennium 2009-2010 as well as a scale of assessment for contributions to it and consider a report of the outgoing Secretary-General, among other substantive matters.