A Workshop on Polymetallic Nodule Mining Technology - Current Status and Challenges Ahead will be held in India from 18-22 February 2008.

The workshop is jointly organised by the International Seabed Authority and the Ministry of Earth Sciences in India and will be held at the National Insitute of Ocean Technology in Chennai.

More details on the workshop will be uploaded as they come to hand.

All MAPS are available for download online through the CONTRACTOR main menu and via the Exploration Areas page off the dropdown submenu.

A web-enabled interface of the ISA Geographic Information System displaying resource data from the Central Data Repository (CDR) is also in the process of coming online.  The system will continue to be developed as a platform to integrate available information and additional data from various sources.

The Authority's online library catalogue (CDS/ISIS) is accessible using a menu-driven generalised Information Storage and Retrieval system WINISIS. It is designed specifically for the computerised management of structured textural databases, particularly suited to bibliographical applications and is used for the many small and medium-sized libraries.