The Mining Code: Working Groups

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Financial terms of contractsProtection and preservation of the marine environment

Open-ended working group on the financial terms of contracts

An open-ended working group of the Council was created in July 2018 to discuss a financial model and payment mechanism for deep-sea mining. The group is chaired by Mr. Olav Myklebust (Norway) and has held four meetings to discuss the various options and associated rates of payment. 

1st meeting - February 2019

2nd meeting - July 2019

3rd meeting - February 2020

Information webinars ​​​​​

  • June and October 2020


  • 21-22 March 2022

          Briefing Note

          Provisional Agenda

Comparative Analysis of the Financial Aspects of Seabed Mining and Land-Based Mining

Studies requested by the Council concerning the financial model

Presentation of the studies (webinar on 28 October 2020)

Social Discount Rate

4th meeting - March 2022

Informal working group on the protection and preservation of the marine environment

The informal working group on the protection and preservation of the marine environment is one of the three informal working groups that the Council of ISA decided to establish at the first part of the twenty-sixth session. Ms. Raijeli Taga (Fiji) was appointed as facilitator. 

Webinar - 28 February 2022: Facilitator's Presentation

  • ISBA/27/C/IWG/ENV/CRP.1 - Text of the working group facilitator Ms. Raijeli Taga: revised version of Parts IV and VI and Annexes IV, VII and VIII of the Draft regulations on exploitation of mineral resources in the Area (ISBA/25/C/WP.1)
  • Briefing note on presentation and exchange of views concerning the facilitator’s text ISBA/27/C/IWG/ENV/CRP.1