The International Seabed Authority and the Nauru Ocean Resources Inc. signed a 15-year contract for prospecting and exploration for polymetallic nodules by the corporation in a specified reserved area of the deep oceans outside the limits of national jurisdiction.

Mr. Nii Allotey Odunton, Secretary-General of the Authority, signed for the organization, and David Heydon, Director of Nauru Ocean Resources Inc, signed for the company. Michael Aroi, Acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Nauru, represented his government which is sponsoring the company in the enterprise.

In a bid to further strengthen the existing cooperation  with the International Seabed Authority, China has granted funding to support five candidates to pursue Masters or Doctorate degrees in Marine Science at the Tongji University.

The International Seabed Authority and China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (COMRA) signed a 15-year contract for exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts in Beijing on 29‎ April 2014.‎

The contract was signed by the Secretary-General of the Authority, Nii Allotey Odunton and the Secretary-General of COMRA, Jiancai Jin. Under the contract, COMRA will have exclusive rights for exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts over 3,000 square kilometres of the seabed located in the Western Pacific Ocean.

JAMAICA, Kingston (13 March 2015) - - The International Seabed Authority today issued a Report by the Legal and Technical Commission to Members of the Authority and all stakeholders in response to the Council’s request at its 20th Session to make available a draft framework for the regulation of exploitation, following the Commission’s February 2015 meeting (see ISBA/20/C/31, paragraph 3).

Report Cover

JAMAICA, Kingston (2 November 2015) - - Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) is offering five training places on board a research vessel for candidates from developing States, pursuant to the terms of the contract for exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts between JOGMEC and the International Seabed Authority.

JOGMEC will pay for a round-trip airline ticket (economy class), and provide local travel, meals and accommodations in Japan and on-board within the scope of the training programme, as well as travel insurance with medical coverage.

JAMAICA, Kingston (19 October 2016) - - Global Sea Mineral Resources NV (GSR), is offering two training opportunities for candidates from developing States, in accordance with its contract with the Authority for exploration for polymetallic nodules dated 14 January 2013. 

The two training programmes are (1) for one candidate to attend the annual 2017 session of the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy (2-21 July 2017) in Greece and and (2) for one candidate to attend a seminar on Dredging Technologies (19-30 June 2017) in Antwerp, Belgium.

JAMAICA, Kingston (26 June 2017) - -  Ambassador Jose Maria Bosch Bessa, of Spain presented his credentials to the Secretary-General, Michael Lodge, as the new Permanent Representative of Spain to the International Seabed Authority on 26 June 2017.  

Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Bosch Bessa was Consul General of Spain based in Andorra la Vella.

JAMAICA, Kingston (11 May 2018) - - The Authority participated recently in the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston which was held from 30 April to 3 May 2018.

As an Invited Organisation, the Authority featured an exhibition booth on the work of the authority and hosted a panel discussion on the Progress and Prospects in Deep Sea Mining - 50 Years On, where experts and scientists presented the progress in exploration, deep sea mineral resources, classification and mineral processing of seabed minerals, and deep water AUV/ROV technology.

JAMAICA, Kingston (5 September 2018) - - In his statement at the BBNJ Conference currently being held at the UN headquarters in New York, and on behalf of the Secretary-General of  the International Seabed Authority,  the Deputy to the Secretary-General and Legal Counsel, Mr Alfonso Ascencio-Herrera  indicated that the International Seabed Authority - as one of the institutions created by the Convention - which remains the governing text throughout the process, stands ready to support the Conference as a whole, including by raising awareness of the scope of the Authority’s mandate and work.

A new and significant development in the work of the International Seabed Authority was reached in Kingston this morning when the Authority’s Council decided to approve the plans of work for exploration of cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts submitted by two corporations sponsored by China and Japan.

H.E. Mrs Godelieve Van den Bergh, presented her credentials to the International Seabed Authority, to the International Seabed Authority on 10 October 2012.

Ambassador Van den Bergh commenced her career in 1980 with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium.  She has represented Belgium with many international postings to Europe, North America, South America and the far east. She holds a Masters degree in Law from the Catholic University, Louvain (KUL).  

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, 16 June 2011 - - The Interridge/ISA Endowment Fund Fellowship Programme recently awarded fellowships to three students from developing countries.

The three successful applicants are Mr. Girish Beedessee (Mauritius), Mr. Srinivas Rao (India) and Mr. Sabyasachi Sautya of India.

At the recent 19th Meeting of State Parties to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Secretary-General of the Seabed Authority, Nii A Odunton reported on the important elements of the work of the Authority over the past months.

Mr Odunton outlined the outcomes of the Authority's 15th Session and reported on three main activities:

The International Seabed Authority, celebrating twenty years in existence, began its annual session this morning at Kingston, with its two major organs - the Assembly and the Council - electing their presidents and approving their indicative work programme for the next ten days.

JAMAICA, Kingston (30 April 2015) - - As part of its training proposal and in line with its Contract for exploration for polymetallic nodules with the ISA, the UK Seabed Resources Ltd (UKSRL) has contracted Plymouth University to provide training opportunities for two trainees from developing States in 2015.