Makes exploitation regulations and extension of exploration contracts top priority for 2015 session, adopts budget for 2015-2016, elects 17 Council members

The urgent need to begin elaboration of regulations for the exploitation of minerals from the deep seabed Area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction was a central theme at the International Seabed Authority’s twentieth anniversary session in Kingston (14-25 July 2014).

JAMAICA, Kingston (3 July 2015) - - On Thursday,  2 July 2015 ,  Mr. Lim Jong Seon, Chargé d’affaires ad interim of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, presented his credentials to the Secretary-General of the Authority, Mr. Nii Allotey Odunton, as the new Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the International Seabed Authority.

Mr. Lim entered the diplomatic service in 1988 when he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Some of his overseas postings include assignments in Guatemala,  Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia.  

JAMAICA, Kingston (12 May 2016) - - On 10 May 2016, the Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority received an application for approval of a plan of work for exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese Crusts submitted by the government of the Republic of Korea.   

The area under application is located east of the Northern Mariana Islands and covers a total of 3,000 square kilometres.


JAMAICA, Kingston (8 March 2017) - - The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) of the Russian Federation is offering five (5) training places for candidates from developing States, under two separate training programmes, in accordance with its exploration contracts for polymetallic sulphides and cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts.

Both programmes are divided into 2 parts: (a) theoretical courses; and (b) at-sea training on board research vessels.

JAMAICA, Kingston (27 November 2017) - -  The International Seabed Authority and l’Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER ) have signed an Agreement on the extension of the exploration contract for polymetallic nodules in the Clarion Clipperton Zone. 

JAMAICA, Kingston (9 July 2018) - -  On Monday 9 July 2018,  Mr Andrzej Przybycin of Poland was re-elected Chair of the Authority's Finance Committee for the 24th Session.  Mr Ye Minn Thein of Myanmar was re-elected Vice Chair.

The International Seabed Authority and JOGMEC of Japan signed a 15-year contract for prospecting and exploration for cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts in Tokyo on 27‎ January 2014.‎
The contract was signed by the Secretary-General of the Authority, Nii Allotey Odunton and the President of JOGMEC, Hirobumi Kawano in the presence of State Minister Midori Matsushima of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

On 19 April 2013, Ocean Mineral Singapore Pte. Ltd., a company sponsored by the Government of Singapore, submitted an application for approval of a plan of work for exploration for polymetallic nodules in a reserved area.

H.E. Mrs. Ginette de Matha presented her credentials to the Secretary-General of the International Seabed Authority on Tuesday, 15 May 2012.

KINGSTON JAMAICA, 25 May 2010 - - The China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association (COMRA) has submitted an application to the International Seabed Authority for approval of a plan of work for exploration for polymetallic sulphides.

The general location of the application area is on the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge.

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) today announced the appointment of the first seven members of the Advisory Panel for its Endowment Fund for Collaborative Marine Scientific Research.

In his keynote address to participants attending the Polymetallic Nodules Resources Classification Workshop, ISA Secretary-General Nii Odunton stressed the importance of the workshop and its outcome.

Secretary-General Odunton said he hoped that the outcome of the week-long workshop would form the basis of standards for resource classification, facilitate the provision of resources data and provide a partial basis for the ISA's Legal and Technical Commission to consider and make recommendations to the Council.

JAMAICA, Kingston (18 July 2015) - - The Council of the International Seabed Authority took note of the report of the Chairman of the Legal and Technical Commission (LTC) and resumed debate on  procedures and criteria for extensions of contracts due to expire in 2016 and 2017 which are covered in the report.


JAMAICA Kingston (12 July 2016) - - The International Seabed Authority began its twenty-second annual session in Kingston, Jamaica, today with a crowded agenda, including elections to its executive Council, two subsidiary organs and of a Secretary-General to steer its activities for the next four years.

The Authority’s supreme organ, the Assembly, and the Council adopted their agendas and elected their officers for the session.

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JAMAICA, Kingston (24 April 2017) - - Speaking at the First Session of the IHO Assembly, Secretary-General Michael Lodge said the ISA-IHO Cooperation Agreement provides optimal opportunities for mutual consultation, cross-sectoral cooperation, communication and exchange of information. 

"I am firmly convinced that the mandate, experience and field of current work of activities of the two organizations are of common interest".