Junior Professional Officer Programme

The Secretariat of ISA has established a Junior Professional Officer programme for young professionals to serve in the different offices of the Secretariat (Office of the Secretary-General; Legal Affairs; Environmental Management and Mineral Resources; Administrative Services) as necessary.

The programme is governed by the ‘Secretary-General’s Bulletin on the Junior Professional Office Programme’, of 31 May 2019.

Junior Professional Officers will be recruited under memoranda of understanding concluded between the Secretariat and participating States. A model memorandum of understanding between the Tribunal and a participating State can be found here.

States interested in concluding a memorandum of understanding with the Secretariat are invited to contact the Secretariat at jpo@isa.org.jm.

For any further questions, please consult our FAQ


                                                                                           Positions Open for JPO

                                    Position Application Deadline
Associate Marine Scientific Research (JPO-P2)     31 December 2023           
Associate Legal Officer (Regulatory Affairs) (JPO-P2)     31 December 2023 
Associate Environmental Officer (JPO-P2)     31 December 2023 
Associate Contracts Officer (JPO-P2)     31 December 2023 
Associate Marine Technology Officer (JPO-P2)     31 December 2023