26th Session 2020

Annual Assembly

27-31 July 2020 14-16 October 2020 

Process for taking decisions during the 26th session of the Assembly NEW

Part II Council

20-24 July 2020 12-14 October 2020 

Process for taking decision during the second part of the 26th session of the Council NEW

Part II FC 13-17 July 2020 NEW 7-9 October 2020
4th Meeting of OEWG on the financial model 8-9 October 2020 Postponed until further notice
Part I FC 13-17 July 2020 NEW 6-10 July 2020 (remotely)
Part II LTC 6-17 July 2020 NEW 6-31 July 2020 (remotely)
Part I LTC 24 February- 6 March 2020
Part I Council 17-21 February 2020
3rd Meeting of the Open Ended Ad Hoc 13-14 February 2020


All session documents are available online here in all six official languages of the UN.

Accommodation: For the 2020 meetings, various Kingston hotels have special rates for participating members. For reservations, download the forms for the hotel of your choice as listed below, fill in the details and email the forms back to the relevant hotel.