Satya N Nandan Library

The Satya N. Nandan Library was created in 1996 following the establishment of ISA in 1994. The Library was named The Satya N. Nandan Library in 2008 in tribute to the first Secretary-General of ISA (ISBA/15/A/2, 118th meeting of the Assembly, 5 June 2008).

As a highly specialized international library, it provides research and information services to support the needs of ISA’s members, the permanent missions based in Kingston, the staff of the Secretariat as well as other researchers and stakeholders.

The Secretariat has continued to improve library technologies, collaborations and shared services, and online repositories, in order to strengthen infrastructure and services to help bring down the cost of the provision of scientific and legal information and to position the library as a high-quality research centre. The library management system provides the facility to explore library materials using an online public access catalogue, bringing together print and digital publications, articles and web resources. The library catalogue and the system can be accessed at computer terminals in the Library.

The Library is an active member of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centres, and the Library and Information Association of Jamaica. The Library continues to strengthen its collaboration with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and is a partner with the Tribunal in the United Nations System Electronic Information Acquisition Consortium.

The Library continues its regular acquisition programme to develop the collection, and the holdings have been further augmented by generous donations from organizations and individuals.

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