Article 84(2) - Charts and Lists of Geographical Coordinates

"Due Publicity"

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (the Convention) defines “the Area” as “the seabed and subsoil thereof beyond the limits of national jurisdiction”. The establishment of the exact geographic limits of the Area depends on the establishment by States of the limits of their national jurisdiction, including the delineation of the continental shelf extending beyond 200 nautical miles from the baseline of the territorial sea.

Pursuant to article 84, paragraph 2, of the Convention, coastal States are obliged to give due publicity to charts or lists of geographical coordinates of points and, in the case of those indicating the outer limit lines of the continental shelf, to deposit a copy of such charts or lists with the Secretary-General of the Authority. 

Eight members of the Authority have deposited such charts and lists with the Secretary-General, namely:

The Secretary-General of the Authority takes the opportunity to urge all coastal States to deposit such charts or lists of coordinates as soon as possible after the establishment of the outer limit lines of their continental shelf, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention.

Link : UN-DOALOS Deposits of Charts/Lists of Coordinates under the Convention